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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jesus Spotter

Teddy has regained his earlier interest in icons, and his fourth and fifth words were "Jesus" and "cross" (well, okay, "-oss").

Today I let him help me empty the dishwasher. (So I carried him around and let him hold onto the dishes.) When we were putting the glasses away, however, he started saying, "Jesus." I was a little confused.

I saw Snoopy.
I saw Grumpy Bear.
I saw the Norman Rockwell glasses.

Then, after a few repetitions of "Jesus," I looked more closely.

Yep. That's Jesus in our kitchen cabinet, on the mug from the Metropolis of Atlanta Clergy-Laity.

Friday, September 4, 2009


I need to do a proper post on Teddy's swimming, but we were really blown away by his efforts this week, and especially today.

He's not water-safe, but he's definitely swimming. He went from Daddy's arms (no pushing) to the wall, of his own volition ... and the wall was at least four and a half feet away. Daddy measured.

And this wasn't the first time.

Often, Teddy will hold onto something (wall or parent), gauge whether or not he can get to his destination, then let go and sink. When the top of his head pops up (not anything useful, like his nose or mouth), he'll kick and kick until he gets where he's going. (Sometimes where he's going arrives to help him, because there's only so much suspense we can take.)

And all this is without us pushing him. Unless, of course, bringing him to the pool five times a week is pushing.This photo was taken on February 10. He's outgrown the swimsuit, but not the happiness. (I know, I know, but who wants to take pictures in the pool instead of playing with Teddy!?)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Applesauce, by the Andro-Muppets

In the great tradition of Mahnahmahnah (however you may spell it), here is today's performance of snacktime.

Applesauce! (doot-doo dee do-doot ...)

It comes from apples,
And apples grow on trees,
And trees live in an orchard,
And it all comes down to bees!

Applesauce! (doot-doo dee do-doot ...)


My husband noticed that Teddy's next two teeth have come in. We tried to get some pictures, but that can be difficult.

Our new camera rocks, however, and with the large picture, you can see them, on either side of the two lower middle incisors.Not realizing that we'd gotten a good enough picture to show off his "dinți," we went with our usual method of laying him across a lap and making him laugh, which is just plain fun for everybody.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

South Bend

While Tudor (paternal grandfather) and Valentin (uncle) visited from Romania, we all went to South Bend via Chicago.

Teddy enjoyed meeting his relatives for the first time, playing with Uncle Valentin's "toys" ...... visiting the dunes of Lake Michigan ...
... and meeting Mommy and Daddy's kombaroi with their little boy.Mommy forgot to take pictures of meeting the priest who married Mommy and Daddy, with his family, and of Mommy's nouna and her family. Teddy and Mommy napped while Daddy took Tudor and Valentin on the campus tour of Notre Dame. We also didn't take any pictures with our hosts, alas, who fed us with tastiness and housed us with love and companionship. Also, their dog was a trooper for putting up with Teddy's attentions.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hristos a înviat!



My dear little son,
     Last year at the Resurrection service I felt you kick for the first time, like a heartbeat. This year I cannot imagine a greater joy than holding you in my arms at the Resurrection service and sharing you and the joy you bring with the entire parish. You are still my heartbeat.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Teddy's Baptism

Due to the events taking place around Tampa Bay during the beginning of January (Theophany celebration in Tarpon Springs, patronal feast of St. John the Baptist in Tampa), we delayed Teddy's baptism to Thursday, January 8. On Monday night, our parish hosted its annual Archbishop Luncheon (except it was a dinner).

His Eminence Alexios and Fr. Peter were seated close enough to each other for the following conversation to take place:
Metr. Alexios: So... when are you having the baptism?
Fr. Peter: Thursday.
Metr. Alexios: Wednesday?
Fr. Peter: Thursday.
Metr. Alexios: Why Thursday?
Fr. Peter: Well, because tomorrow is Theophany, Wednesday is the feastday of St. John the Baptist ... so we thought Thursday we'd have some time.
Metr. Alexios: Okay... In the morning?
Fr. Peter: 11:30.
Metr. Alexios: Can you make it 11?
Fr. Peter: Well, we already put it in the monthly newsletter.
Metr. Alexios: Okay... 11:30... I think I can make it.

So our clergy count for the baptism was one bishop and three priests. Additionally, we invited the parish (but, being a Thursday, not many were able to attend), and my mother came, and one of Fr. Peter's classmates was in town, invited for the GOYA Winter Event which would start the next day.

Fr. Ioan (John) Bociu read the exorcism prayers, Teddy beamed, Paul Lundberg ... godfathered, and Thanasi Pantazelos chanted. Then we undressed the baby while the clergy and gentlemen did their thing.
Thanasi and Fr. Ioan chanted.
Photo credit: Lisa Vlahos
Paul, Fr. James, Fr. Peter, and Metr. Alexios prayed.
Photo credit: Lisa Vlahos

Teddy was oiled... Photo credit: Lisa Vlahos
... dunked ... Photo credit: Lisa Vlahos
... tonsured ...
... and communed. Photo credit: Lisa Vlahos

Metropolitan Alexios heard there was cake—Fr. Ioan Bociu makes an awesome cake, by the way—so he stayed for the reception.
At the reception, Teddy woke up and was the happiest baby ever.

My husband and mother have a disagreement about which is the cutest baby picture of Teddy so far, so you are invited to weigh in, or at least have more baby pictures to admire. (Okay, this may just be my own addiction.)
Before.After. Photo credit: Lisa Vlahos

Florida State Fair

On Friday, February 13, we all went to the State Fair. Unfortunately, we did not do enough research. We did go on "Irish/Scottish Day," but found out that the next day was "Honey Day."

We looked at the exhibits in the Expo Hall, and said hello to the Orthodox booth set up by a nearby OCA parish.

Teddy watched Scottish dancers, Scottish pipers, and Irish dancers for the first time.

We very much enjoyed the bearded collies!

And we did get some honey (because we got lost on the way out).

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nap-time adventures

This afternoon (after Teddy skipped his noontime nap due to Liturgy and post-liturgical events - namely, the oratorical festival), his next nap followed the following step-wise pattern.

1. Unhappily search for mouth with right hand.
2. Insert thumb in mouth. Be soothed.
3. Continue grasping various things, in an upward motion, with the left hand.
4. Reach blanket above or around the head.
5. Enter "Must pull blanket phase" for the left arm. Pull blanket over (most of) face.
6. Start to panic, while still sucking on thumb.
7. Enter "Must pull blanket phase" for right arm. Take thumb out of mouth, become unhappy and tug on blanket until at least one eye can see around the edge of the blanket.
8. Release blanket with both arms. Relax and bring left arm down.
9. Start again from step 1.

This happened about ten times in a row, with decreasing intensity for the "panic" phase, leading, eventually, to a nap.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Evidently, he likes grapefruit, too. This is rather unexpected for the two of us, who were amused at the experience.

After his five-o'clock feeding, he was fussy, and Daddy was eating a test grapefruit. (To see whether we should pick more from the tree in our yard yet.) I thought that a new experience might de-fuss him, so I suggested it. The grapefruit duly came around into Teddy's mouth ... and was heartily sucked on. His hand came up to hold Daddy's hand holding the grapefruit, and he looked so interested that we gave him a few more tastes, each of which met with approval.

According to Daddy, his facial expression indicated that he was very focused on the grapefruit.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Four-month check-up

Today, Teddy had his four-month check-up, very early in the morning (6;45). First, we found out that he takes after his father in being rather long (27.5 in, 97% percentile) and rather thin (15lb. 3oz, 50% percentile). Second came the physical exam, where the doctor tried to see if he would sit on his own for a second or so and said, "You think you're a six-month old, don't you?" Finally, there were the shots. I wasn't paying too much attention to the first couple, but the last one went something like this:

1. The nurse inserted the needle.
2. Teddy startled.
3. Teddy looked around confused for about two seconds.
4. Teddy realized that something wasn't quite right and he needed to do something about it: cry.
5. Ten seconds later, Teddy realized that the "not quite right thing" had gone away and he could go back to being his usual, charming self.

After the doctor's visit, we went to the pool, where Teddy had a grand old time and charmed everyone who dared come close to him. Now, he's a little tired and unhappy, but overall, he's been a great little trooper.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Attempts at food

OK, so we haven't started feeding Teddy anything other than breast milk yet (although we did have a mostly unsuccessful try at giving him a bottle today). However, while we cook, we have taken to putting various things at his mouth and giving him a taste. The carrot and the banana were interesting (or, at least, that's how we interpreted his look). The tomato... that was pretty good and he kept licking it for a while. The pear, now that was very good. So good, that in addition to licking it profusely, he took his hand and pressed mine (holding the pear) so he could get more. More to come as we keep playing with his taste buds.