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Friday, September 4, 2009


I need to do a proper post on Teddy's swimming, but we were really blown away by his efforts this week, and especially today.

He's not water-safe, but he's definitely swimming. He went from Daddy's arms (no pushing) to the wall, of his own volition ... and the wall was at least four and a half feet away. Daddy measured.

And this wasn't the first time.

Often, Teddy will hold onto something (wall or parent), gauge whether or not he can get to his destination, then let go and sink. When the top of his head pops up (not anything useful, like his nose or mouth), he'll kick and kick until he gets where he's going. (Sometimes where he's going arrives to help him, because there's only so much suspense we can take.)

And all this is without us pushing him. Unless, of course, bringing him to the pool five times a week is pushing.This photo was taken on February 10. He's outgrown the swimsuit, but not the happiness. (I know, I know, but who wants to take pictures in the pool instead of playing with Teddy!?)


Lissa said...

I want a video!

Christine said...

This is is inspiring to get Demetri swimming! and I agree with previous post, video would be GREAT!