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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nap-time adventures

This afternoon (after Teddy skipped his noontime nap due to Liturgy and post-liturgical events - namely, the oratorical festival), his next nap followed the following step-wise pattern.

1. Unhappily search for mouth with right hand.
2. Insert thumb in mouth. Be soothed.
3. Continue grasping various things, in an upward motion, with the left hand.
4. Reach blanket above or around the head.
5. Enter "Must pull blanket phase" for the left arm. Pull blanket over (most of) face.
6. Start to panic, while still sucking on thumb.
7. Enter "Must pull blanket phase" for right arm. Take thumb out of mouth, become unhappy and tug on blanket until at least one eye can see around the edge of the blanket.
8. Release blanket with both arms. Relax and bring left arm down.
9. Start again from step 1.

This happened about ten times in a row, with decreasing intensity for the "panic" phase, leading, eventually, to a nap.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Evidently, he likes grapefruit, too. This is rather unexpected for the two of us, who were amused at the experience.

After his five-o'clock feeding, he was fussy, and Daddy was eating a test grapefruit. (To see whether we should pick more from the tree in our yard yet.) I thought that a new experience might de-fuss him, so I suggested it. The grapefruit duly came around into Teddy's mouth ... and was heartily sucked on. His hand came up to hold Daddy's hand holding the grapefruit, and he looked so interested that we gave him a few more tastes, each of which met with approval.

According to Daddy, his facial expression indicated that he was very focused on the grapefruit.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Four-month check-up

Today, Teddy had his four-month check-up, very early in the morning (6;45). First, we found out that he takes after his father in being rather long (27.5 in, 97% percentile) and rather thin (15lb. 3oz, 50% percentile). Second came the physical exam, where the doctor tried to see if he would sit on his own for a second or so and said, "You think you're a six-month old, don't you?" Finally, there were the shots. I wasn't paying too much attention to the first couple, but the last one went something like this:

1. The nurse inserted the needle.
2. Teddy startled.
3. Teddy looked around confused for about two seconds.
4. Teddy realized that something wasn't quite right and he needed to do something about it: cry.
5. Ten seconds later, Teddy realized that the "not quite right thing" had gone away and he could go back to being his usual, charming self.

After the doctor's visit, we went to the pool, where Teddy had a grand old time and charmed everyone who dared come close to him. Now, he's a little tired and unhappy, but overall, he's been a great little trooper.