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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Evidently, he likes grapefruit, too. This is rather unexpected for the two of us, who were amused at the experience.

After his five-o'clock feeding, he was fussy, and Daddy was eating a test grapefruit. (To see whether we should pick more from the tree in our yard yet.) I thought that a new experience might de-fuss him, so I suggested it. The grapefruit duly came around into Teddy's mouth ... and was heartily sucked on. His hand came up to hold Daddy's hand holding the grapefruit, and he looked so interested that we gave him a few more tastes, each of which met with approval.

According to Daddy, his facial expression indicated that he was very focused on the grapefruit.


Pres. Kathy said...

Wonderful experience - God bless him!

Mimi said...

Grapefruit already? Are they a winter fruit? I did not know that!

And, yum, I like grapefruit a lot. Teddy has impeccable taste

Mary Beth (the ND one) said...

So great! My youngest sister as a young child used to enjoy lemons with what I imagine was a similar intensity of focus.