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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Forty-Day Blessing

On the fortieth day of Theodore Gregory's birth, we all went to church for the forty-day blessing or "churching." Prayers were said in the narthex for me, for him, and for his future godfather. (There may have been other prayers, but then he started to fuss a bit and I lost concentration.) Then Fr. Peter took Teddy in his arms and walked up the main aisle of the church. Teddy was intently looking at the Pantokrator in the dome. They went into the altar and around the altar table. I followed up the aisle and waited for them on the solea. More prayers were said, and that was about it.

We had invited the priests and presvyteres of our parish to come celebrate this with us, as something of a preview, since we predicted everything would be hectic on the first Sunday. So they came as they were able. Fr. Constantine took pictures and Fr. James helped me figure out what I needed to be doing, and Fr. Petros just beamed. Afterwards we had a little snack with muffins and koulourakia and coffee in the hall lobby.