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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Teddy's Baptism

Due to the events taking place around Tampa Bay during the beginning of January (Theophany celebration in Tarpon Springs, patronal feast of St. John the Baptist in Tampa), we delayed Teddy's baptism to Thursday, January 8. On Monday night, our parish hosted its annual Archbishop Luncheon (except it was a dinner).

His Eminence Alexios and Fr. Peter were seated close enough to each other for the following conversation to take place:
Metr. Alexios: So... when are you having the baptism?
Fr. Peter: Thursday.
Metr. Alexios: Wednesday?
Fr. Peter: Thursday.
Metr. Alexios: Why Thursday?
Fr. Peter: Well, because tomorrow is Theophany, Wednesday is the feastday of St. John the Baptist ... so we thought Thursday we'd have some time.
Metr. Alexios: Okay... In the morning?
Fr. Peter: 11:30.
Metr. Alexios: Can you make it 11?
Fr. Peter: Well, we already put it in the monthly newsletter.
Metr. Alexios: Okay... 11:30... I think I can make it.

So our clergy count for the baptism was one bishop and three priests. Additionally, we invited the parish (but, being a Thursday, not many were able to attend), and my mother came, and one of Fr. Peter's classmates was in town, invited for the GOYA Winter Event which would start the next day.

Fr. Ioan (John) Bociu read the exorcism prayers, Teddy beamed, Paul Lundberg ... godfathered, and Thanasi Pantazelos chanted. Then we undressed the baby while the clergy and gentlemen did their thing.
Thanasi and Fr. Ioan chanted.
Photo credit: Lisa Vlahos
Paul, Fr. James, Fr. Peter, and Metr. Alexios prayed.
Photo credit: Lisa Vlahos

Teddy was oiled... Photo credit: Lisa Vlahos
... dunked ... Photo credit: Lisa Vlahos
... tonsured ...
... and communed. Photo credit: Lisa Vlahos

Metropolitan Alexios heard there was cake—Fr. Ioan Bociu makes an awesome cake, by the way—so he stayed for the reception.
At the reception, Teddy woke up and was the happiest baby ever.

My husband and mother have a disagreement about which is the cutest baby picture of Teddy so far, so you are invited to weigh in, or at least have more baby pictures to admire. (Okay, this may just be my own addiction.)
Before.After. Photo credit: Lisa Vlahos


Philippa said...

Hands down, "after."

What a blessed day! And the Met. there too! Wow!

Mairs said...

My vote's for after! Thanks for sharing Teddy's special day with us! Many years!

Pres. Kathy said...

I vote for after too! May God bless Teddy in becoming a good Orthodox Christian. It was truly a blessing to have the metropolitan. Thanks for sharing these pcitures.

Elizabeth said...

I vote for "after", too !
May God grant Teddy and his family Many Years !!!

Mimi said...

I can't choose, but many years to the newly illumined! Gorgeous.

Lissa said...

The "after" baptism Teddy close-up is adorable! What the heck is tonsured? Looks scary.

Hans Lundahl said...

many years!

Mary Beth said...

Oh goodness, picking the cutest picture is like picking the best type of cupcake. They're both great!

Threeundertwo said...

He has that certain "glow" in the after picture! (but they're both sweet!)

Many years!

Hans-Georg Lundahl said...

There has been another baptism since? Will the third have a name in Epsilon (Eirene for a girl, for instance)?

(Found back to this post through a spam reactualising it)