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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

In the beginning

It seems like everything is beginning.

Usually, I am pretty regular.

So when I didn't get my period yesterday, and 32 days had passed since I had started most recently (which had been the longest between-periods in the past 10 months), I considered buying a home pregnancy test. I wasn't ready to hear a "no," so I passed up the first opportunity.

However, I mentioned this to Dn. Virgil, and suggested that he go buy one. So after we went to the library, we went to the grocery store. He parked and started walking to the store, and I realized that, alone and in his anderi, he might get even more funny looks buying a pregnancy test than if I went with him. So I took my little chicken self and ran after him.

We came home, and he said, "Why not?" So I took the test. I went out and set the timer for three minutes, and made him go back in with me to see. There were two pink lines, although one was faint (the directions said it might be faint, and I have been drinking lots of water these days). So there might be three of us.

I got the card of Pres. Shyla's ob/gyn this morning at chapel (6:30 am Orthros & Divine Liturgy), and called this afternoon, getting an appointment with another doctor in the same office. I'll go in on Monday afternoon.

I am excited and fearful. I feel the way I do when I walk away from the chalice after communing. I am not quite ready to commit to saying, "I am pregnant," only: "I had a positive result to a pregnancy test."

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us sinners.

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