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Friday, May 2, 2008

The Earth Offers a Cave

We now have pictures of the 20-week ultrasounds. It really struck me that the little one looks like he's in a cave, which brought to mind the kontakion of the Nativity by St. Romanos the Melodist.

I love going to the doctors' office. Everyone is kind, and laughs at my jokes (and attempts at jokes). The ultrasound technician says things like, "The umbilical cord is perfect" and "The spine is wonderful." (I am quickly learning to be fond of people who say nice things about my baby.) Also, the doctors answer my questions (mostly with things meaning, "Yes, it's weird, but you're just pregnant. Get over it.") rather than the usual instance, where everyone asks me questions and I have to answer them.

A wonderful woman (now due with her seventh!) had talked to me about the topic of "finding out the sex of the baby." She said that in her Lamaze class, the people who found out were much more impatient the rest of the pregnancy, compared with the people who waited. I figure, I'm already so impatient for the pregnancy to end—especially with the pictures of the wee one whom I just want to cuddle in my arms—that I should choose to wait. It has been getting fun thwarting the people who ask, "Is it a boy or a girl?" (Answer: "I certainly hope so!") or "Are you going to find out?" (Answer: "Yes, within a year, we hope to have things figured out."). I don't mean to be snarky, but I like to think that my father would be laughing, since this is the kind of answer I grew up with.

Overall, I am feeling better these days. I get housework done, and revel in the happiness of a clean house. (Or at least one which is working towards cleanness.)

The "mommies of the parish" have deluged me with kindness in the form of gift cards. I took Fr. Peter shopping with me, and there is something to be said (not only for clothing which fits properly, but also) for bright, happy colors. I had not realized how Bostonian and bland my closet had become—not completely, but compared to the sunny Floridian colors. So I got a bright pink top (Emily would be so proud) and a bright turquoise top amongst the first round of using up the gift cards. (It didn't hurt that even the doctor yesterday commented that I looked well. She meant my coloring, but I was happy that I'd picked a color that looks good on me.) God bless now-Fr. Evangelos (then-Angelo) and his future presvyteres retreat about how to dress.


Mimi said...

Wonderful update! I can't believe you are halfway already! And, congrats on the new Floridian colors!

Threeundertwo said...

LOL "within a year. . ." what a great reply. I'd love to see people's faces when you say that. Glad everything is going well! Thanks for stopping by my blog.